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I remember your smile
From the kitchen window
While I'm running through the deep snow
Cooking something out of nothing
Slaving at the oven
Beaming with so much pride
Your life captured in these memories
Will stay in my mind
For all the years that's ahead of me
All the words that you've said to me
Wish I'd made the most
Of those seconds paid attention to lessons
Burning your effigy

I'm past the questions
Past all night drinking sessions
Past screaming at my reflection
And seeing you staring back
Demanding such perfection
I still needed protection
Robbed of love and affection.
Anger hasn’ t help me settle that
Watching your last breath
Wishing I could switch and replace it with mine.
Opened your casket and then kissed you goodbye

I stayed up preying
For one more minute
So I could be close to you
I could still talk to you
No I won’t cry
Won’t let you see
Tears fall from my eyes
I'll replay your last breath
Hate speaking in past tense
I'll have to admit
You've been taken
And I'm not that strong
Can't grieve and keep moving on (2x)

Staring down at your name
Reading the letters engraved
Wish I could picture your face
But I can’t find it
Do anything for those
Last seconds again
All I can do is replay
And I’m rewinding

Know you were scared you lived for nothing
But I can’t forget you
Never get to meet my kids that’s true
They’ll hear about a superwoman
Who could take on everything
And all the shit you went through
Your life was a rollercoaster
How’d you drive it with so much grace
Your legacy remains safe
At the end of the day
Oooh Oooh


(Songwriter : Les Green)