Welcome to my musical univers

My name is David Smith, Belgian DJ Producer. I'm looking for a manager to help me in my musical projects. I invite you to discover a part of my musical universe below. Feel free to browse my site in depth as this page is only the tip of the iceberg.

To summarize my artistic situation, let's say that I have all the cards in my hands to succeed but nobody to deal them. I hope you will see in me a DJ Producer with high artistic potential to manage...

My recent releases...

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New title

This Dance Commercial track is incredible. I collaborated with the English singer Arieleno who's gone on tour with the famous English DJ Sigala in early 2020. My single is playlisted on two or three local radio stations in Belgium. I released it on my own but my goal is to get it signed with a serious label in order to reach as many people as possible and not only my friends and family. A potential hit? Not impossible!

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New title

This Pop song is simply beautiful. I collaborated with Les Green, an English singer. Just like my track This Is Me, I released it on my own but to get it signed by a label, I wouldn't be against it. It could touch so many millions of hearts around the world. It's beautiful to dream but the potential of this track is huge!

My next release...

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New title

This Dance Commercial track is awesome, its rhythm is catchy, it gives the envy to dance. When we reach the end, we have only one desire, to play it again. I used a royalty-free acapella bought on a specialized site. I would like to release it as a single and include it in my EP. This track deserves to make millions of people smile and dance.

Preparing my EP...

I've already done the cover. It looks great. I have 6 or 7 tracks that I could include in this one but the question I ask to myself is: "Should I release it on my own so that eventually just my friends will listen to it or should I find a manager and a label to try to reach millions of people?".

Hence the importance of the title of my EP "Level Up", to reach the next level, my ultimate goal!

DJING... An all-consuming PASSION!

I created my Youtube channel in order to make live mixes on the Pioneer DJ NXS2 used by all famous DJs. I'm ready to mix all around the world!

My sets are powerful and dynamic. My goal is to mix in radio stations and to be booked in clubs and festivals in order to make the crowds jump. Nothing like powerful kicks and great rhythm to give that incredible feeling that devours you from the inside and makes you want to scream & jump.

DJing is an all-consuming passion and I think I can transmit it to clubbers! I can't wait to do that one day...

What do you thing?

Would you be interested in conquering the world with me?
- David -